Product review : Neutrogena Oil free moisture


Product review : Neutrogena Oil free moisture

Product review Neutrogena Oil free moisture

Product review Neutrogena Oil free moisture

An important step in any skin care routine is surely moisturizing. No mater what skin type you have moisturizing is beneficial nowadays there are special moisturizers made for specific skin types. You can find at the store moisturizers designed for combination, dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin.

Oily skin as mine doesn’t need as much moisture as other skin types, because the natural oil from the skin maintains it moisturized. Even though I have Oily skin I still like to use a small amount of moisturizer after washing my face. This is when I tried a moisturizer designed for combination skin, the: Oil free moisture for combination skin from Neutrogena (4FL OZ).

Product: Moisturizer
Name: Oil free moisture for combination skin
Brand: Neutrogena
Price: $10.99 usd


1) Comes in a handy pump bottle, which allows out just the right amount for each use

2) The product is Oil free, so it won’t clog your pores

3) The product is for combination skin, therefore it moisturizes the dry parts of the face and controls shine in the oily parts without being too heavy.

4) The product is Alcohol-free and Fragrance-free a plus for those with sensitive skin to certain ingredients.

5) Affordable price


1) One bottle doesn’t last long maybe 3-4 months at least for me

2) Very lightweight sometimes I have to reapply twice for m skin to feel comfortably hydrated

Final Word

I am truly pleased with this moisturizer for the reason that it’s very lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin. Taking into consideration that I have oily and acne prone skin the fact that this product is is oil free is a big plus for me. This product does not target specific skin concerns such as wrinkles or uneven skin tone, but works great doing it’s main function which is moisturizing.

Disclaimer: This product review is based entirely on my personal opinion and experience while using the specified product.

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